Who Has an Ear

Revelation 2:7 Who Has an Ear

A young man went to work in another country. He had grown up in a Christian home and Church. He had attended schools that were run by the church. His family had even spent time in the mission fields. While he was overseas working, he met a beautiful young lady. God had never shown him a more amazing woman. The young man and the girl fell in love. From very early on in their relationship, the girl knew of the boy´s faith in Christ. He often spoke of the wonder and joy of coming to know God. But her experience with religion had been quite different. Those who had told her of faith in God had pushed her more towards obedience to the church than to a thrilling walk with a living Friend. He wondered why she did not want to hear more of God. But she would say, “God has not sent anyone to us to tell me anything that proves what the truth really is.” Have we heard?

One can be religious and have heard what the church pushes and still not hear Jesus speak to their hearts. God has sent us His Son and He has paid dearly to show us the wonders and love that the Father has for us. But God did not stop there. He strategically places people in each of our lives who are to give us the words of love He wants us to hear. They are witnesses and messengers that He sends to help us understand His love. Then, there is that still small voice of the Holy Spirit. It speaks constantly to us of the secrets of God. The question is, will we let ourselves have ears?


Dear Lord,

Let the truth of Your love be clearly seen in the Way Your children love those we find in our lives, we pray!



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