Revelation 2:9 Rich

“I know your works, oppression, and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.  Revelation 2:9


It was that time of year again. All the old friends traveled to the town where they grew up. They found a moment and got together leaving their families and relatives for the occasion. They sat down in a restaurant to talk about the changes in their lives and discover what their old pals had been up to. They talked about the holidays that they had had in beautiful or exotic places. They talked about their new successes in their professional lives. They laughed a little at their more humble beginnings, but quickly returned their talk to the achievements and luxuries that they were now experiencing. All except for one couple, this family was still struggling to find stable jobs and keep their children fed. Can we say that we are rich?

We often focus our eyes on the things of this world. We think of what we can gain in financial and material ways. We place importance on prestige, recognition, and self-worth. Yet God tells us clearly that quite the opposite is true. We can lose any or all of those things and still be found richer than ever. In fact, the less we have here on earth can be a sign that our importance lies in far more lasting treasures. Love, a family, a Savior, and the hope for eternity can come to those who have faith! So, when the world says to us that we are small or shoots us down, let´s lift our eyes above the insult and the sting. Let´s look to Jesus! He will lift us far higher than all those who chose to have their treasures on earth!


Dear Lord,

When we feel oppressed and down, lift our eyes to Your eternal Glory. Give us faith so that we can continue in Your love and come to know the riches of knowing You, we pray!



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