Hold Firmly

Revelation 3:11 Hold Firmly

I am coming quickly! Hold firmly that which you have, so that no one takes your crown.   Revelation 3:11  WEB


The boy found it at his school´s rummage sale. His mother had given him a few coins to buy a toy or a book in the fundraising event. But this little guy found a different treasure. It was a hat for cold weather. It was made from soft fluffy material and the two sides hung down to where they could connect below the chin. The thing that the child loved about it though, was that it was made to look like the head of a bright yellow chick. It was not cold out, nor did they live in a place where it got very cold. But the little boy loved to wear his hat. The hat was so bright and so silly-looking, that his parents forbid him to wear it out in public. So the little guy would wear it around the house. No one could convince him to take it off unless it was time to sit down at the table. Do we guard the crown God has for us so that nobody can take it from us?

We have no way of telling how long we must wait to see our Savior´s face. But we are encouraged to sense an urgency that keeps us searching the horizon for signs of His return. The words we hold to, our hope in His timely appearance, and the simple faith we cling to that we will soon be with Him, are to be guarded. We must make a determined effort not to become lazy or distracted. The world will try to take away any desire we may have to be with our God and to know Him personally. But if we press on with our faith in ever-increasing hope, no one will be able to take away our crown. Let´s pray for Divine help today!


Dear Lord,

Place within us the strongest desire to seek You out and find You no matter who or what would try and steal You from us, we pray!



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