On the Throne

Revelation 4:2 On the Throne

Immediately I was in the Spirit. Behold, there was a throne

 set in heaven, and one sitting on the throne  Revelation 4:2


Time to eat was always an adventure when her babies became old enough to sit in a highchair. The young ones could not control where their mouths are and cared very little if all the food got in there or if it painted their faces, the tray, or the rest of the room. This particular woman was lucky with her first child because he would sit there quietly entertaining himself with a toy, some snacks, or even some kind of magazine. But her second child was completely different. He was unable to sit still. He learned straight away how to get himself free from the safety-belt. If the mother turned her back for even a second, he would be standing up, turned around, or even to her dismay, gone! What does it mean to us that there is One sitting on His throne in Heaven?

Thankfully, the woman´s child was just as adept at climbing down from the highchair and had not simply fallen out. But for us Christians, there is a significance greater than what we can fathom, that we have a King sitting on High! Jesus left His high seat in Glory to come to us. He came to speak to us personally, to instruct us and to call us. He also came to walk amongst us so that God could purchase again what was His to begin with. Christ paid the ultimate price so that the hearts we have that wander, can come again to their proper place with the Father. Now Jesus sits there on His throne. He is not missing. He has done His part and continues to orchestrate our successful return to God. Shall we pray that His presence on His throne gives us the inspiration we will need today?


Dear Lord,

Let our hearts be lifted every time we think of You, our Savior and our loving King! Help us think of You always, we pray!



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