Thunder and Lightning

Revelation 4:5

Out of the throne proceed lightnings, sounds, and thunders. There were seven lamps of fire burning before his throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.  Revelation 4:5  WEB


The storm raged outside. It had been raining for days and it never seemed to stop. The house they had come to live in was not prepared for this and neither was the family. A steady drip fell through in places where the roof and walls were not completely sealed. The power went out from time to time. All this brought down mommy´s spirits. She was stuck at home all day with the children. Her husband worked too many hours and sometimes only came home late at night. The sky grew dark. Then came the lightning. Her smallest boy was terrified with every flash of light and the crack of thunder which instantly followed it. He clung as tight as he could to her neck. What do we think our reaction will be when we finally come before the throne of God?

A lot of people brush off the terrible thought of mortals standing in the presence of the Almighty. We are more comfortable with placing God at a lower level and that panic and fear do not come to our minds were we to suddenly find ourselves face to face with Him. But the accounts in the Bible of people who did actually find themselves before God reacted similarly. They usually hid their eyes, threw themselves to the ground, or clung to it, trembling in fear for their lives. Like the little child, when we witness the lightning and hear the sounds of thunder, let us pray that we will be clinging ever so close to our Savior in His loving embrace!


Dear Lord,

Give us a humble sense of awe and worship. Let us come so close to You, our Savior, that we will survive the frightful realization of standing in the presence of the Father, we pray!



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