Before the Throne

Revelation 4:6 Before the Throne

Before the throne was something like a sea of glass, similar to crystal. In the midst of the throne, and around the throne were four living creatures full of eyes before and behind. Revelation 4:6  WEB


She sat with her legs cuddled up to her chest and took in the beauty of the stunning scenery. The girl could not believe all that she was seeing. It was so beautiful. The crystal clear water was like a mirror. It stretched out before her and reflected the spectacular mountains beyond and the sky above. She had only a short time to take in the breath-taking sights before the getaway ended. But, out there on that North Italian lake, it was as if she could see into Heaven. All around her the mountains soared up to unseen heights making her feel small but privileged to be there. Can we sense in our hearts a growing desire to gaze on the throne room of God?

So many people scurry around with their busy lives, never stopping to ponder the wonder that is our God. Even many Christians are so wrapped up in the emergencies of day-to-day living that they cannot find the time to sit before the Lord and appreciate the beauty they see. If we pick up our Bibles, we read of how people of all ages were encouraged to do just this. God looks down from Heaven, searching for souls who are willing to turn their eyes His Way. The great heart of the Father yearns for the chance to reveal His care and His magnitude to His dear children who will spend those special moments in hushed awe with Him.


Dear Lord,

Let us come and gaze on You in wonder! Thrill our hearts with the experience of coming before You now, we pray!



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