The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:8

When we look at the hectic world around us and all the chaos, does it make us scared to think where all of this is heading? Or, do we receive a good firm reminder of our Savior’s words? If we listen more to the Son of God, than we do to our troubles and fears, we could begin to fill our hearts with a sensation of peace and confidence. We can let our anxieties throw us on the broadest shoulders that could ever be. We can rest on the promises of God to look after our eternal safety and nudge in a little closer to Him. Let come what may, in the loving embrace of our Lord who died for us, we will weather any storm! If we keep our eyes on Christ, then any disaster only places us one step closer to our dear King´s triumphant return! Let us throw our hopes on Him and seek the face of Jesus through each and every distraction we may face today!


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