The Secret of True Worship

The Secret of True Worship

The secret of true spiritual worship is to discern and know the presence of the living Christ in our midst.  A.W. Tozer (Jesus is Victor)

There is much we can try to make of our faith, our churches, and our religion. But the one thing that any true Christian should ever be concerned about is that Jesus is with us. This does not mean that we have to have interpreted the Bible better than those who worship in another hall down the street. This does not mean that our standards of living are outwardly healthier or more Biblically correct. What it does mean is that we have taken what little or much we have gleamed, and turned it into a channel that opens our hearts in a way that invites Christ into our midst. Such a bond and such a devotion to our Savior is made that His presence is found welling up and moving us in His power. Love is the crucial element in these cases and never earthly gains. Wherever the presence of the Lord is the focus is on the throne of God and not on lifting humans any higher. The atmosphere where Jesus is truly the center of focus is charged with adoration, loving-kindness, and desire for God´s will to be done. What do we ask of our faith today?


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