To Have Eternal Life

To Have Eternal Life

The great deceiver of our souls and our wayward hearts will do everything to rob us of our chances of ending up in the loving arms of God. To do this, they will try any kind of deceit. One of the best weapons at their disposal is to tell us that we are fine and pleasing in God´s sight as we are and that we can relax and enjoy God´s promise of eternal life. They would keep us from questioning the matter any further.

This is more than dangerous!

It could mean that we never stop to consider any distance that still does remain in our hearts between us and our Savior Jesus Christ. This will take away the hunger and desperate need to see progress made in our relationship with Him. Once we stop seeking His presence with all our strength and with all our might, we have been effectively deceived. We will sit in comfort in our supposedly Christian lives never expecting that our chances of spending eternity with the One we say we love are slipping further away from us. Now is the best time, and perhaps the only chance we will get, to stop wherever we are and seek again our Savior as our lives depend upon it. Let´s pray that we are not too late!


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