Come and See!

Revelation 6:1 Come and See!

I saw that the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as with a voice of thunder, “Come and see!”  Revelation 6:1  WEB


On a holiday beach where there were not so many people, a family spent the day. The parents lay peacefully on their towels while the children played in the shallow water or explored in the sand dune by the tree line. They chatted idly until their son came to call them. He was quite insistent. “Come and see!” He had found something to his interest and he was not going to stop pleading until one or both of his parents came to see what it was. They eventually got up to go and check whatever it was out. His tiny hands reached for theirs and tugged steadily as if to hurry them on their way. Have we ever had anyone want to show us what an amazing experience we could have in finding the Lord?

We have been invited. The offer is for us to draw near. If we will turn from what we are doing, if we will let ourselves be dragged away from lesser distractions, we can come to see something that will change us forever! Actually meeting the Savior of the World in a real encounter will surely leave us amazed. Our hearts can expand with love further than we imagine at times, but when our hearts realize the magnitude of the presence of God, they will be stretched to incomparable bounds. We become insufficient vessels with which to house the love of the Almighty God which pours into our souls. Yet, it is an experience which, once truly felt, we will want to spend all eternity seeking! Will we hear the call today and come and see what wonders are waiting for us in Christ?


Dear Lord,

Let us heed the call and come to You today! Open our eyes and ears and enthrall us as we encounter You now, we pray!



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