Jesus Brings Joy

Jesus Brings Joy

Have you ever met a person who really has come to know the Lord? If you have, you are sure to have noted that that person was marked by what they had found in Jesus. There is a miracle that happens to earthlings when they meet the One who gave His life to save ours. We are not just talking about people who say they are Christians, we are talking about people who seem to radiate the love and grace of God. These happy people who are full of praise and kindness are often people who do not hold high positions of power or influence. They are more like Christ in the fact that they would rather let others have those positions. They are too busy filling their hearts with love, and with trying to grow closer to God. These blessed souls glow with hope and joy! They are saved, not by name or technicality, but by the intimate walk they have with their Lord. Jesus brings joy to the heart of those who have made their hearts the home for Him to enter in and fill! Do we want to know that kind of joy?


If there is anything that should characterize the life of a Christian, it is joy!  Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby (Experiencing God Day By Day)


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