The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 24:15-16

All through history, those who read the Bible have tried to read the words in a literal sense and take the Living Spirit of God out of them. We hear the words of prophesy and say that the man of God means this or that in the relevance that we see it in our day. But the living word of God cannot be limited to speaking only to one generation or the next. All Scripture is good and can instruct because it is spiritual in nature and holds power to lead us to God. So, when we hear Jesus warn us of the abomination that causes desolation, we do not need to fold our hands and sit comfortably back in our chairs to wait for whatever it is that our scholars tell us is coming. Our duty is not to them but to the Lord first. We should each bow our heads in the presence of God and seek His meaning. If we find that the Spirit shows us where something other than the Lord is rising in importance higher than direct contact and complete adoration of our God, then we should sense the alarm. Whether it is fine teaching or pleasing doctrine that stands where our God should be in our hearts, we need to run to the hills. We need to get our hearts out of the city of confusion where we are herded into other people´s ways of thinking. We need to seek out our Lord in the quiet places of our souls and find Him in genuine experience. Shall we search our hearts today to see if we have let anything take the highest seat in our lives and get to where God alone is what we need?


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