The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:20

The churches may not all be in agreement on what prophecy says about the days before Christ will return to earth to take God´s children to be with God. They may read the Holy Scriptures and interpret them to mean different things. When the Lord uses earthly words to describe Heavenly concepts this is bound to happen. This does not mean that we must throw up our hands and reject the teachings because we cannot tell which earthling´s reason is the correct one. What it does mean is that we need to lean further on the Lord and incline our hearts further towards Him. We need to search our hearts, our souls, and our minds to see that no distance lies between us and God´s true intentions. True servants will always look to their Master. So, whatever the message we gather from our Savior´s words, we must see clearly that it will be to Jesus that we must look. We need to pray diligently each day. We must be more tuned to Him than we are to all else that we love here on earth. We must be ready to run away from anything less than God. We must prepare our hearts so well that we would go even if it meant heading out into the cold or to leave our comfortable time of worship. God cannot ask us to have rightfully weighed all the doctrines of each church and deciphered which is the logically correct one. What the Lord will hold us to in what we do deep in our hearts when we read of preparing these hearts for Him!  Let us pray that we make God more important to us this very day so and that we can drop everything else that we are doing, all for the chance to be with Him!


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