Become Better People

Become Better People

There are so many experts today who will tell you how to become better at this or that. Self-help books are being written and read more and more. All the while people search for answers, there is an old Way that people used to turn to. His name is Jesus. Those who go to Him can testify that results do come. This does not mean that everyone who quotes the name of Christ has actually pressed on until they were renewed. But the ones who go to the Savior to really know Him are always affected. As we come to understand the great heart of the Son of God, our own hearts become convicted. We realize that He loved us when we did little or nothing to deserve His love. We learn of all God has done for us to draw us into an intimate walk with Him, even while we wandered far from Him. We start to see that softening our heart towards the Lord make us more compassionate towards others. The closer we grow to the God of love, the more we see Him loving all His children everywhere! The more we see of His love, the more it rubs off on us! The original self-help book, the Bible, is still a sure way to go if we can go to it not to prove ourselves, but to change ourselves. Actually, the Bible is not a self-help book at all, but an external-help book where the help comes directly from God. The Scriptures will lead us to Jesus if we let them. And, if we open our hearts to Christ the Savior, we will soon become better people because we are learning from the purest, kindest, most loving source there is! Shall we all make an effort to get close to Jesus today?


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