The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:22

We may have noticed that the world around us has been infiltrated more and more with the concerns and viewpoints of everyone else. God-centered, Christ adoring people more and more are settling for a more relaxed vision of where we stand. We let our thoughts and our conversation turn to what is going on in our planet, our community, or our lives. Jesus warned us that this would happen. He saw the danger long before we could imagine it ever being a problem. Dark forces would encourage us to brush off this shift in interest. They would have us comfortably believe that all is well with our soul and that no repentance, no turning, and no Savior are needed to set our souls back on track. We are living in dangerous times. That we do not see the danger is what makes these last days so treacherous to our souls. Let us pray that some of us will see the danger and turn to God in earnest now while there is still time! Let us ask the Lord to cut short these days so that He will still find souls that look to Him instead of to this world in which we live!


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