The Great Day

Revelation 6:16 The Great Day

They told the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb,  Revelation 6:16  WEB


Other schools in other parts of the world had fire drills every once-and-a-while. But the school where this child lived also had another similar drill in case of a tsunami. They lived near enough to the sea that they felt the need to prepare children to head up in the buildings instead of filing out of them. Life went on as usual except for one little boy. He was terrified of tsunamis! He would wake up at night shaking and crying at the thought of a giant wave covering his town with water. Nobody could convince the small child that this was merely a drill they needed to perform. He just knew a flood was coming and it scared him to death! Do we ever stop to think of a great day when God will pronounce His judgment on our world?

The Holy Bible points our attention to the future. For those who read it, it is like a simulation. The words written in the pages of Scripture talk not only of what happened long ago but point toward the future and try to make us ready and prepared. It tells us that evil will increase as we near the Great Day of Judgment. But it also gives us hope that all will soon be swept clean. Those who know that the flood is coming will know how to be among the survivors. We can be prepared. We can work on our relationship with the One who will save us! Shall we start preparing our hearts right now while there is still time?


Dear Lord,

As You prepare to pass judgment on the earth, let us prepare our hearts to be found in a loving embrace with You, we pray!



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