The Next Level

1047 CQ The Next Level

How on earth can we say that our faith is real if we constantly push our relationship with God off? If we would like to go further than just calling ourselves Christians, our first order should be to make sure that we are coming to know Christ. Once our relationship with Jesus begins to grow, then we should assure ourselves that we learn to walk through our day with Him. When we can finally sense the Savior moving in our lives, and the power of the Holy Spirit assisting us to look above our clamorous world, then we can call ourselves Christians. Never should we settle for fine doctrines or flattering compliments from fellow earthlings. Our questions, our bonding, our devotion, and our adoration must be to the One we say that our faith is founded in. So, let´s make it our urgent goal today to make our walk with Christ grow until that relationship alone is what defines us!


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