The Teacher´s Word for Today

1048 Matthew 24-24

There are many warnings that we read in the Bible and easily push them off as if God intended those warnings for someone else and not for those of us who call ourselves Christians. But when the warning specifically says that even the chosen ones could even possibly be lead astray, then we would do well to heed the warning. If we believe in a Christ that is not the One who came to earth to teach us, then we had better examine our hearts. If we have chosen to pay tribute to a Savior that we do not need to get to know personally, then we might be missing the boat. If our Jesus is not the Jesus who died in pain and shame for our waywardness, then we have not met the right Jesus. If we are not stricken, convicted, and humbled to the core with the words of the Son of Man, then we might not have come to the feet of the Son of God. If we are made to feel good about ourselves and our religious notions but do not need to seek the Lord with all our hearts, then perhaps we have already been led astray. Shall we return to our knees today and stay there until we find God´s approval that we can remain His chosen ones?


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