The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:35

There was a day, not so long ago, when people heard the words of Jesus and took them very seriously. Back then the worldly thinking had not colored all our thoughts and we were not so distracted by its appeal. When Jesus warned us of the evil of chasing the world and its ways, we would listen. People would bow their hearts and seek the Presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Nowadays, we may like to call ourselves followers of Christ, but we are far too busy surviving in our society that any kind of internal struggle and search for Him is no longer our utmost priority. It is just not popular these days to talk of suffering for Jesus. We do not want to hear any more that we should love the Savior more than we do our mother, our father, or our children. The problem is, is that if we do not love God more, then we will not have His love welling up in us and moving us to do what we hear Him speaking to us in our hearts. We need to get back to the basics! We need to seek Christ like never before. Seeing that the trend is to complacency, we should go out of our way to make Jesus and His words the biggest part of our lives again! Let´s pray that we still can!


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