Believer Can Smile


Believer Can Smile

The Christian who has transferred his or her faith from what they see and know of this world to God and His supernatural quality can be happy even when their lives are at their worst. Tough times, troubles and affliction will matter less and less to us the more we look to the Lord. The reason for this is that we become more concerned with where the Holy Spirit is moving. As we begin to see His wisdom and supernatural power flowing in His universe, we lose our dependency on the natural world or the worldly concepts. Natural law we find is subject to the will of God and God can alter it whenever and however He chooses. Therefore our time is more and more consumed in searching out His will and our worries do not settle on how comfortable or successful we are in the social status on earth. This brings immense peace to the humble believer. Our joy comes from contemplating God, adoring His Son, walking with the Lord, and witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit which is moving in our lives! Let us drop our cares for this life and begin to celebrate the discoveries we can have today of the Lord!


If there is anything that ought to characterize the life of a Christian, it is joy!  Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby (Experiencing God Day By Day)


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