The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:36

There are several different ways to react when we hear of the second coming of Jesus Christ. The world laughs it off. Christians typically either deliberately try to avoid the topic or dive deep into some studies to see if they will be the enlighten one who will actually discover the truth even though everyone else has failed to discover it. Both are wrong and harmful ways to treat the lovely news that our Savior will soon return. Firstly, our awareness that Jesus is to come back to us should give us hope. We never need to feel panic over our present situations no matter how painful or how bleak. Why? Because whatever we face, is just a temporary darkness before the dawn. All Heaven and earth will be made new and we will be made so that we can be with the Father. So if there are growth pains, pains of trimming or molding, these will matter little for all that we stand to gain. Secondly we should feel an urgency. This will not be an urgency to pull our more books or gain more earthly knowledge on any given subject. Our urgency should be to come to know the One we would spend eternity with! We should feel anxious to grow close to the One who will decide if we are really family and friend, or if we are just convincing ourselves of our own intelligence in deciphering religious doctrines. Let´s pray that whatever reaction we have today, that we go to our knees and bring the question to Christ to see if we look to Him as much as He looks to the Father!


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