Love Comes From God

Love Comes From God

Anyone who would teach us of God, but not have God´s love in them is not really from God. So many times we tolerate the teachings of people who sound biblically correct or doctrinally correct. We must not forget that when Christ walked on this earth, He had both the Pharisees and the Sadducees persecuting Him. They wanted Him dead so that they could run their religion with their worldly reason. We should not allow ourselves to be so removed from where God is and what He wants. We need to get back to the Spirit and to the Truth. So, the test of true love must be more important to us. A charitable spirit must be sought. Let us pray that we can find a remnant of people who are still concerned enough about each other that God´s love and concern for our eternal welfare is found in them!


Young men and women are crying out for something to tie their lives into that is worth dying for. But they are strangely unwilling to follow any leader who is not ready to be vulnerable to the world and “risk it” with them.  Keith Miller (A Second Chance)


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