The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:37

In the days of Noah men and women lived only for themselves. Their only thought was to get as much out of this life as they could. They did not stop to consider the plans that God has for us. They were more concerned with eating, drinking and getting married. It is easy to point our fingers at them and sneer at their foolishness. They did not see God´s hand at work or even care at all that He was preparing for something. But we cannot get off the hook that easily. We also are living in times that have been foretold to us. Warnings have been given for us to take God seriously. We should make Him our importance. We should spend more time and effort on our relationship with the Lord than we do on what we will eat or drink. The most pressing issue to our day should not be to get ahead or even survive this day. Our efforts for today should be to be found leaning on the Son of God, our Savior. Christ will be our test to see if we are God´s own or not. Today is a test greater than that of the days of Noah because they already made their choices. What we do today will decide our eternal fate. Will we let ourselves be taken by surprise? Or will we make any necessary adjustments to our day so that our walk is with the One who will recognize us or not!


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