Souls That Yearn

Souls That Yearn

Ever since man began to walk on the face of the earth, God has been looking for a correct response within our hearts. There have always been a few who heard a word from their Creator and let their hearts search deeply until the broke through into awareness and sweet worship of His goodness. But sadly, there have been even more humans who make their hearts cold against the Almighty. In His Holy nature, God will never stoop to forcing anyone to turn to Him. This would be a crime against the free will that He has given unto us. Only those who want God will have God, and only those who seek God honestly will ever find Him! There is much more than we can imagine that would work hard to crowd out our desire to know God personally. But, we must press forward if we would have the highest Prize. God´s Son is given unto us as the Way back into His presence. Let us make it our goal today to have what only a few will seek today! Let´s throw our hearts into intense yearning after God!


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