Fall Before the Throne


Revelation 7:11 Fall Before the Throne

All the angels were standing around the throne, the elders, and the four living creatures; and they fell on their faces before his throne, and worshiped God,   Revelation 7:12  WEB


The visitors to an old cathedral filed silently through the elaborate aisles, the impressively arched nave, and the finely adorned chapels. There was a stern sensation in the air for quiet behavior and the faces of the sculptures on the walls and in the reliefs almost frightened the guests, all except one young boy. This child began to giggle to himself at the expressions on the faces of the characters depicted there. All of them had a distant look on their faces while some looked as if they were a cartoon character ready to explode. His parents tried to quiet the boy´s laughter even while as they had to admit that their boy´s observations were amusing. What do we feel when we think of God?

If we were able to remove invisible barriers that keep us from seeing God or standing directly before Him, we would surely be blown away. Thanks to what we do not see, we cannot imagine the magnitude of His righteousness or His glory. Cathedral builders have attempted through the works of art and design to give our souls some sensation to start with. But, whatever we find that is man-made is sure to fall short of what it is like to actually be ushered before the presence of God. Biblical characters who have come close have had similar reactions. They naturally fall to their knees in awe, fear, and worship. Shall we pray that our souls are well prepared and will one day be there to worship God too?


Dear Lord,

Fix the gaze and direction of our lives on coming before You and seeing You with our own eyes. Give us the thrill of reverence that bring You glory and honor, we pray!



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