Choose The Way!

Choose The Way

We make so many decisions each and every day. Along with the bigger decisions, we make a thousand tiny ones all the time. Most of our decisions we do not see as directing ourselves to the Lord. We go along through our day dealing with this crisis or chasing that goal. But, we are told that our lives are not supposed to be like this. Our lives are to be directed to God. There is a Way. His name is Jesus! If we would like to see the face of God anytime in the future, we should be making His Son important now! Shall we pray that we develop a habit of turning to Christ with everything and in each moment? If we could make Him important enough in our current moment and in every thought we have, then He will be there to help us with our decisions. We make the greatest decision when we decide to turn to Jesus with all our decisions! Let´s start trying now!


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