Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Troubles in this life can weigh us down to the point of breaking us. But those who choose to yoke themselves to the Son of God will have His strength to rely on. As we plod along reveling in the companionship of conquering King of Kings, His strength substitutes ours. Any challenge we must face will be endured not by us alone. We carry our part of the yoke for Jesus. It is a light burden and one we are happy to bear because it throws our dependence on Him and makes sure that we are always near Him. He carries the greater weight always. He has always done so and always will. He knows what the Father is working on and how to get us there. His part of the yoke carries the weight of eternity and only He can carry that! So let us rejoice greatly for anything that ties us to the Lord today and every day. Let us pray that we are securely fastened to the Savior´s side each step of the way from now on!


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