The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:29

Some of Jesus´ teachings are easily and readily accepted while others we may struggle to understand. Popular thinking likes to make much of our favored texts and overlook or breeze past those we prefer not to dive too deeply into. However, we would do well to sit at the Savior´s feet often and let Him walk us through even His words that we struggle to swallow. He says that those who have not sought to have much with Him, even what we have will be taken away. Those who do not really want much will not care when they hear these words. But if we do want the Lord deep within our hearts, a little will not do. We will want more of Jesus and His love in us. Our hearts will ache for more. We must press forward in our desire after the Lord! This kind of faith rises above the warning. The burning-hearted seeker will be able to gain more of their Savior because their burden is to find more. We should pray for perseverance. We should seek more of Christ always! We should seek to be with Him now and live every moment of our lives with Him right here with us! Let´s throw ourselves into the quest!


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