Life in Christ

Life In Christ

Many people hear of Jesus Christ and are moved just enough to make a declaration of belief in Him. They may go on from there to change some of their habits and friends and spend the rest of their lives thinking that they are Christians. But, until we can grasp what faith really means, we will be standing far from the truth. The Truth is Jesus. To have Truth we must have Him. This is not a brain-deep transaction. It is a relationship! We must have Christ and His Spirit welling up in us! We must walk through our day with Him. We must be quick to see if there is any distance between Him and us and go out of our way to be close again! We must seek the Son of God with the kind of determination that brings results. We must wake up each morning to find Him here with us! We must turn to Him often and in everything! We need to do whatever we can to make sure that we do not hold nominal ideas or distant impressions but to discover more of Christ each day. We must take each step of our day with our hand firmly in His and finding our strength in His presence! Let´s dive heart and soul into a life in Christ that is truly full of Him!


Christianity is a life first, and only in a secondary sense, an academic encounter.  Keith Miller (A Second Chance)


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