The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:35

The people most likely to hear their Savior say one day that they did well with what God gave them to do here on earth, are sure to be the ones who feel like they are doing the least. These hearts reflect their Lord´s in that they prefer to give than to take. They are not usually the ones who have been given more in this life but would give out of what little they have. This being the case, they will always feel that their gift to others is small and insignificant. But because they feel they can help another, they will give anyway. They prefer to go without something in the hopes of seeing that someone else´s needs are met. This kind of love reflects the kind of love that comes from God´s great heart. It brings Him immense pleasure to see that love welling up inside of His children. It is a mysterious way that the Holy Spirit spreads the love of God to His sheep everywhere. Let us seek to have a heart of giving growing inside of us today!


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