What We Should

What We Should

Every human being alive has probably been sufficiently aware that being nice to others is the honorable route to take. Yet somehow, selfishness and greed seep in and each person must decide how much to take and how much to give. Charity and kindness should flash across the mind of most people before we make our decisions. Anyone who has heard of God should know that He is the God of Love. He went out of His way to show that love to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. That Gift He gave, and the instructions of our Savior should show us all we need to know about how to walk in this world. We can spread the love that is poured from Heaven into us to those around us. We still have a choice. We can choose to act on our own. Or, we can determinedly set ourselves to the sweet task of caring for those we come across all throughout our day! Let´s give it our best!


Every person understands the truth a good deal more than he lives it. Why does he not do more, then? Ah, there’s the rub!  Kierkegaard (Provocations)


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