Not Complacent


Not Complacent

The one thing everyone is susceptible to do each day is to let our thoughts and our hearts wander away from God. We get wrapped up in what we are doing and forget to bring the Holy Spirit into every single part of our day. The closer we grow to our Savior, the less our chances of forgetting to live out each experience and decision with Him. The more time we spend in prayer, the more we will want to talk each issue through with our God. These ties that we can have with the Divine are connections that can be cultivated. But first, there must be an acute desire within the believer´s heart. In our modern societies today, not many people choose to even contemplate the need for such a connection. But our faith is in essence, this walk, this bond with our Savior that brings us safely through each day and assures us of being with Him forever. Without the Lord in our day now, there will be no hope of anything beyond. Let´s make our tie to Christ the biggest and most urgent goal right now!


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