The Teacher´s Word for Today

1108 JQ Matthew 25:45

The flipside of knowing we should do good to those around us and not doing it is that it will one day catch up with us. It is so easy to overlook the needs of the beggar in the street, the drunk outside of the gas station, or the rude person who cut in front of us. But, we have not been called to have everything as we would want it here on earth. We have been called to be like the Son of God. Jesus went out of His way to see who had a need and how to fill it. He frequently asked people what they wanted Him to do for them. To be a Christian is not to be holier than the next guy. It is to be selfless and caring like our Savior is. It is to follow Him in His manner of loving and giving. It is to forget our own selves for the sake of saving others or easing their pains. History has not proven everyone who calls themselves Christians to have the heart of Christ in them. Let us make it our mission today to bring God´s love back into the picture!


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