Opportunities to Turn to God

Opportunities to Turn to God

That we are human and prone to make mistakes is a fact. It is what we do with these setbacks and stumbles that will define us now and forevermore. Even Christians may be tempted to overlook their mistakes or cover them over somehow. However, God knew that we would encounter struggles, setbacks and that we would stumble. For that, He gave us His Son and His Holy Spirit. We have help that is bigger than our circumstances. We have Heavenly power that will be poured out to us when we need it. But often, this power and this Presence is not available for us to turn our situations into personal gain. There are there to direct our hearts to God. If we use our weakness right, it becomes the greatest power available to mankind in that it connects us to God. We can seek the Lord as if our lives depend on Him. We will depend on the Savior if we know that we need Him for our very lives! Let´s not miss any opportunity to humble ourselves and know that we need our God with us today!


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  George Santayanaa


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