The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:46

We naturally do not like to think of a day of judgment where some will pass the test and others will be sent from the presence of God forever. Our very thoughts of heaven and hell are far too influenced by what we know and see in our world today. But whatever the differences there may be, we should each consider them with God alone on our knees. The Scriptures tell us enough of what we need to know to help us make up our minds on which side we should end up. On one side, we could be with God. On the other, nothing positive is given to us to set our hopes on. It will be a severe punishment indeed, as those who go there will have the worst sentence of never having God on their side. Being with God is what we were made for, if we choose not to have Him, one day we will wake up to all that that means, and it will be torture. Let us all pray today that we choose the Lord and learn to have Him in our lives from this day forward!


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