Getting to Know God

Getting to Know God

Many people wonder how on earth they could ever come to know God. We could think of this as a difficult thing to do and in all honesty, it is humanly impossible to do on our own. But, praise God! There is a Way! We can come to know God because He is here! He Himself has encouraged us to try! How? Well, how would we get to know another person? We could study up on them and we could ask them questions. But, the most effective way to come to know anybody is to spend time with them. Having worked on our human relationships through tears, strong feelings and desire, we should know that something similar should be sought with our Lord. We should come to Him. We should bow before Him. With our Bibles open before us, we should bring our questions, doubts, and fears to Him. We should spend time humbly in His presence. We should talk with Him often. We should listen to Him and for Him! There is so much we can share with our God, but time would be the essential item. Seek out our time with the Savior and we will be repaid with a stronger relationship with Him! Let´s come before Him now!


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