The Cost

The Cost

We are strange creatures in that if something cost us little to obtain, the value of whatever it is that we have gained is never appreciated as much as the things that we had to struggle hard to get. If we had our food prepared for us every day we may appreciate it a lot. But, if we had to go out and search for it or labor all day just to get enough for a meal, our appreciation for what we received would be much greater. Our faith in the Lord is also very much influenced by this rule. If following Christ was merely a statement or a philosophical decision we made at one point in history that cost us a little in that moment, then our faith will also mean less to us than if it had to be earned through sweat and tears. If we attain our close walk with Jesus through painful searching, desperate prayers, and acute desire, then our time with our dear Friend will be infinitely sweeter to us! So, if we find difficulties today in approaching the Lord, let us face the cold and bitter winds with determination and set our hearts on reaching our God against all the odds!


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