The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:12

Mysterious and always miraculous are the ways of the Lord our God! We see with pathetically weak eyesight only the extent of our relevant perceptions and based on our experiences and understanding. But the Almighty is always moving to eternal and heavenly purposes. We see a few fish or pieces of bread, but He sees a meal for thousands. We see spilled perfume, but the Lord sees the movement of the Holy Spirit received and acted upon by a soul tuned to Him. We have this opportunity each and every day to lend our hearts to the movement of God. We can willingly and enthusiastically witness God´s power at work if we will only set our souls to search for it. If we can get beyond ourselves, if we can stop seeing only our “things”, and begin looking for Him, then we will see His marvelous hands in action in His world. All the good things we may aspire to here on earth pale in comparison to just one simple movement of God. It would do us infinitely more good to be with God when and where He is moving than to try and further our own motives. What a wonderful thing it would be if it could be said of us that we were moved by God´s Spirit welling up inside of us! Let´s make being that close to Him our goal today!


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