The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:26

It may sound strange to hear the Savior say that the bread is His body and that we should eat it. We are civilized people. We no longer perform rituals for everything. But wait! What might the Lord be getting at? The Word is living! The Word of God is eternal! The Word is given to build us up in Spirit and bring us surely unto our Father. So, whatever is closed within us that may block us from receiving the Son, we must pray that it is opened. We must pray that our ears are open to hearing! We must pray that our hearts are opened to let the Spirit in! We must pray that our understandings are finally opened so that God can instruct us on His ways and we can stop relying only on ours!

Therefore, when Jesus tells us to take and to eat, let us take in whatever we can of Him. Let us eat the very Word of God in such a way that Christ comes inside of us. Let us feed on Jesus so that we may digest the things of the Spirit. Let us be filled and fed. Let us gain a hunger for more of the Lord. Let us taste and know that the Lord is Good!


Please dear Lord, give us the Bread of Life today! Fill us with our Savior and nourish us by nothing less than the Son of God! Amen!


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