Preparing the Trumpets

Revelation 8-6

The seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.  Revelation 8:6  WEB


After many years of renting houses and saving up to buy their own home, a family finally took the big step. But, just as they were moving into their much-awaited house, the coronavirus turned the world around. First, the company where they work closed its doors. They tried to work from home but it didn´t take long and the company had to let everyone go. Does the news of tragic times awaken our senses to see that God has other intentions for us that are not to simply live out our lives in pleasure here on earth?

We do not need to be experts on deciphering prophetic Scripture to see that mankind is not as in control of this world like he thinks he is. We might look at our times and see that the angels of God are preparing themselves to sound. God has His plans. He has not fallen asleep or silent. He has made promises to His children that He plans to keep. Our world may turn upside down. We may be greatly surprised to watch uncontrollable events change our lives. But those who put their hope in God do not have to be afraid. We are still in good hands. The God who loved us enough to make the great sacrifice for us will surely bring His children to be with Him. What should concern us more than the loss of our jobs, our possessions, our comforts, and our pleasure, is that He will see into our hearts and know that those hearts beat for Him! Let us pray today that whatever sentiments we may stir up, will be accepted by the Lord and proof to Him that we are His beloved children. Pray that we love Him more than our world!


Dear Lord,

Bring to pass what You know is best, just let us draw near to You and know that our hearts are truly Yours, we pray!



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