Feeling the Anticipation

Feeling the Antcipation

In these days of worldwide emergencies, how many of us have thrown ourselves onto our hope of the swift return of the Savior? Any movement of any kind should remind us that we are not in control and that all creation waits with breathless anticipation for the Lord´s return. We have been guilty as living as if we do not think Chris will come back to us. We have grown lazy and distracted. In sharp contrast, we should be growing anxious! We should be sensing the nearness of God! We should know and be reassured that Christ is still Lord and that this old home of ours will not last forever! We should mount up with excitement! Our prayers should be frequent and filled with adoration for our King who is soon to come! Instead of talking about faith, let´s begin living it and stepping out on what we have waited for so long!

Come soon, dear Lord, and end our fears and strife we pray! Amen!


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