The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:27-28

Blood and life are connected in such a way that we humans cannot have one without the other. We need the blood or there is no life. But this physical connection is only a shadow of what the real need for humans is. We need our Savior. We need Him flowing in us to have real Life. If we do, then it will be life everlasting. But the sad thing is that there exists a dark devious element that would spoil us and ruin our healthy state. Sin is the disease that gets deep within us and ruins this connection we have with the blood of Christ. We try living without our Savior. We try living on our own, with our own inferior blood. It will never do. We will only be sick, frail, and soon to pass away.

Yet the cup is held before us! Praise the Lord! Christ invites all to drink from His righteousness! We can reach out for the cup! We can drink long, hard, and often! We can be filled with His life-giving presence! We can be a part of the new covenant! We know how undeserving people of old received life in a land of milk and honey through an earlier covenant. Now let us rise up in hope in this new covenant! Let us drink of Jesus! Let us seek to have His blood that is poured out work its miracle, remove the disease from us and restore us to a glorious life in adoration of our God! Who is thirsty now?


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