Knowing Our Need

Knowing Our Need

It may all begin with a seed planted in the soil of our hearts. But for that seed to grow, we must realize our need for a Savior. Far too many people today get their minds made up for or against religion and never really do any searching of their own souls. They never stop to realize the empty part of their heart is crying out to be filled with the Spirit of God. This leaves us trying to rationalize all that we see in life but effectively keeps us from seeking more of God. We may study more and we may try cleaning up more of our outward workings. But until a believer can actually understand that we are empty and lost, (whether we are called Christian or not), until we have sought out the presence of God for ourselves. We all must make the journey of the soul. We must each one, go from the place where we did not know our need, and reach the place where we know we desperately need the Lord with us and in us all the time. Do not settle for less. Do not settle for a convincing story or a serious declaration. Never give up on driving hard after that intimate closeness with God that is only attained by a soul who knows it needs to be right where He is! Let us step into the Light of Jesus Christ, and make our hearts need to be filled with and flowing over with the Spirit of God today! Pray that we know our need for Him!


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