The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:29

When the Son of Man walked upon the face of the earth, He lived as we do. He ate and drank with those around Him. He was Deity in flesh and blood, but what a marvelous thought that He could share with mankind these daily actions. Then, when He was preparing to make His great sacrifice to save all those who will put their hope in Him, He tells us that He will not do these actions for a time. The real treat in His words though, is that Christ gives us a time to look forward to when He will again eat and drink with us anew. If we have the true spark of hope growing inside of us, these sweet words of our Savior will be some of the most cherished words to our ears. Deep within our souls, we should delight to sense an intense yearning that grows each day to see that day. This glowing fire could increase in intensity until it rages within us and directs us always towards Him. Instead of spouting off lightly about some desire to see our Lord, let us pray for a growing desire to sit with Him at the Father´s table! Let us fan into flames a great desire to eat and drink with Jesus someday soon! It might just be the kind of devotion that our God is looking for in His worshippers today!


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