Great Relief in Trust

Great Relief in Trust

Many are the problems that we face in our world today. There have always been problems and the caliber of a person lies more in how we face the tough times, and not so much in how high we have managed to rise. Many of us face crisis after crisis. Sometimes they all seem to come at once. But a believer who has truly laid their burdens at the feet of Jesus has a very powerful advantage. They can trust with all their being that God has their lives in His big and capable hands. Although we may not see any safe way through, Christ becomes our Way. We can let our crushing burdens push us down until we find ourselves broken and on our knees. It is there on bended knee where we find our Savior. It is through a dire need that we meet the Great Provider of All Things! If our predicament is devastating enough, then we will not be able to rely on ourselves. When we cannot possibly handle things, and we truly let go of the reins, then God can finally take the reins of our lives. God can begin to work in us when we stop trying to do everything without Him. Miracles can begin! Miracles come to those who are looking for them! God´s mighty arm will comfort and move for those who need that arm to sustain them! Are we feeling down today? Let´s take this opportunity to fall back on the One who can bring us through it all!


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