The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:31

Nearly everything written about in the Living Word of God, if not everything, has paradoxical meanings that can be as pertinent and meaningful in today´s situation as it was to the people or time in which it was written. This is because the Bible is full of spiritual content instead of how we often view it as human logical or historical content. When the worshipper bows down to read, the words of the Scriptures can speak as if directly written to us. It can uplift us and build us up, drawing us ever closer to the God who calls us unto Him. Not everyone wants to listen and not everyone is willing to learn. But those who will open their hearts to the teachings of our Savior and the sweet encouragement of the Holy Spirit will find instruction on every page of the Bible.

With this eye for inspiration, we read Christ´s reminder that the shepherd is struck and the flock scattered. We get the sense that something happens to Jesus and His would-be followers are affected. Our hearts, not wanting to lose any single warning or instruction, instantly receive the alert. We search the scriptures, we bring our concern to the Lord. We let the Holy Spirit walk us through our real condition and take us to a greater understanding of where God is moving and where He wants us to be in our walk with Him. Today, so many of us are wandering around like lost sheep in this storm that rages around us. Whatever would keep us from coming closer to Christ right now brings to life the old warning in the Scripture. Let us hear the warning and turn our hearts to the Lord!


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