Only In God´s Hands

Only In Gods Hands

We can safely put our lives into God´s hands for keeping. It is all that we will not give to Him that gives us cause to worry.

In times of trouble, we begin to fear for the things we have gained. We do not want to lose our life of ease or plenty. So we attach ourselves to these things. But, the Christian calling is to let go of everything else, to lay it all at God´s feet, and follow our Savior at all cost. Those who do take these steps pass on into a higher walk with the Lord and a deeper relationship with the gracious God who gave them all things in the first place. They attach themselves to the Giver and not merely to the gifts. They walk on a higher plane. Things may be given to them or taken away at their God´s will. Their contentment comes from the radiating pleasure of the One they love. Things no longer rule over them. On the other hand, those who worry over and cling to the blessings God gave them are in for some surprises. For all our clinging to things, we cannot keep them safe. We need God´s approval to hold on to any gift that we possess. Let us gladly place everything in our lives into the capable hands of God. Let us edge in closer to Him. Let us learn to find our contentment in the smile of God, that way we will assure His smile upon us for all eternity to come!


Everything is safe which we commit to God, and nothing is really safe which is not so committed.  A.W. Tozer (The Pursuit of God)


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