The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:32

A principal is set forward by our Savior. He asks us to follow Him. He asks us to be moved into action with our faith and live our lives by that faith. But, He never asks us to go somewhere that He has not been. Christ is our Lord, He goes before us! Jesus is our Master and our Teacher. But He teaches us with a first-hand understanding of God and His ways. Jesus can be trusted with our whole heart because where He is leading us, He has gone there before us. Whatever new things we are experiencing, He has seen them long ago. He has lived through and seen through to the very end of God´s great plan. He has proceeded through life itself and right through the grave. He goes ever before us like one who has gone through the refining fire. Now He urges us forward in faith. He holds out His helping hand so that we can follow Him through whatever faces us today. Let it be a virus or an economical crash that results. Let it be wars or disasters. Bring upon mankind anything that must come, and our Savior has seen through it first. So let us pray for faith today! Let us look more intently on where Christ would lead our hearts today and less on the passing events that shock our world!


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