The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 26:34

“He did it, not me!” These are the words our tricky little minds use when we read of how Peter denied His Lord the night of His betrayal. We try to remove anything that we have in common with this man until he learned his lesson and became a pillar for God to build His church upon. Then we like to think that we are like Peter again. But we are wrong. It is true that if we call ourselves Christian and set our hope in Jesus Christ, we are like Peter. But we are like Peter in that we are becoming children of God´s Kingdom. We are humans who were born like everyone else and then were called to follow Jesus. We are souls that must change from the confident, proud, and independent creatures into humble worshippers who lean on their Savior with our whole hearts. We will have to learn through our failures just as Peter did. We must press forward in faith as He did. We will have to repent from the times when we let our Lord down and not stay close to Him. We must keep this crystal clear that if our brother Peter could stumble before us and then move on to be a great believer, we should be watchful and alert. We should be quick to recognize where we leave our Savior´s side. So instead of leaving Peter holding all the blame, let us embrace our opportunity to share in the truths He lived through and hopefully be found one day to have overcome and returned to our God to stand and praise Him side by side with our brother of old.


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