The Seas Destroyed


Revelation 8:9

and one third of the living creatures which were in the sea died. One third of the ships were destroyed.  Revelation 8:9  WEB


Daddy was driving his kids home from school one day and the traffic in front of them stopped. “Hey, there´s a whale!” he said. The kids did not know how to take their dad´s comment because most dads say strange things. But sure enough, in a trailer towed behind a tractor, was a whale. It was dead. It had been washed up on the shore of a nearby beach. Several weeks later, many people learned that another whale had washed up on the beach and went down to try and help save it. They were not successful. Could we be witnessing something in our day that nobody ever believed would happen? Are our seas being destroyed?

One funny thing about prophecy is that when what was told about finally comes to pass, it does not happen the way people had pictured it. If we could remember that we often get things like this wrong, we might be more receptive to prophecy and actually prepare our hearts like the prophecy was meant to do for us in the first place. This is not to say that the second angel´s trumpet has sounded or not. It is to say, that the prophecy will only be perceived by a believing type of people whose hearts are tuned and listening for their Lord. It is true that mankind has done much damage to our seas and our planet. Let us all pray for the kind of heart that will move us to seek our Savior at every chance!


Dear Lord,

Not everyone is willing to accept prophecy and turn to You with an earnest and sincere heart. Please do not let that be us! Let us come to You now and cling closely to You from now until eternity, we pray!



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